I'm new to the area, visiting to help my mom sell her house. Not having any familiarity with the styles of 21st century New England I needed a professional who could offer hints, tips, and advice about how to put the house together so that my mom could get maximum return. I was truly fortunate when I found Lorrie. I don't think I could've have found anyone better suited to the task. From the start she was willing to do so much more than simply stage a finished house. She helped me pick interior colors and establish a general aesthetic feel that ended up wowing in the end. She is owed a good part of the credit for the great success of this project and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in New England who wants to get top dollar for their house. Her prices are more than reasonable and her flexibility with scheduling makes it easy to work with her even if you're on a hectic schedule. She's a genuinely nice person too, which can't be over-emphasized. She knows what she's doing and she does it well, quickly, and on (or under) budget. She can tell you what to do for greatest impact if you're completely lost (as I was at the beginning) or act as a sounding board if you already have ideas of your own (as I was by then end). The money I spent hiring her was repaid many, many times. And did I mention she's really nice?


Selling your home can be an overwhelming process. Hiring The Best Dressed House was the best decision we made. Not only is Lorrie professional, but she is warm, friendly and makes you feel totally at ease. Going room by room, Lorrie breaks down what needs to go, stay or be rearranged. When she was done our house never looked better! There is no doubt that she was main reason why we received FIVE offers over asking price. You will not be disappointed with the Best Dressed House! SO WORTH IT!!!

Kathy and Jimmy

Lorrie was outstanding! She reviewed the entire house and made some significant suggestions and changes that we never would have thought of. We found having someone review the house and give the necessary feedback as to what was needed to be changed was one of our best decisions. When Lorrie was done with our house, we had all of those moments of, "why didn't we do this earlier or why didn't we think of that!". We came out of this project, feeling confident that our house had great appeal and had an excellent chance of selling quickly. It took one open house on one weekend to get it done. It happened so quick that we couldn't believe it happened as fast as it did. I attribute some of that to Lorrie's ability to focus on the little details and her experience in staging various houses in the past to have learned what works for the house she is trying to present to potential buyers. I would hire Lorrie again in a heartbeat. She's honest, good natured, patient and very professional. She goes out of her way to work with you to make your house look its very best. Kudos to Lorrie for a great job!


We have worked with Lorrie Card numerous times over the past few years. Her work definitely helps the sellers to showcase their property in such as way as to get the highest possible price for their home. It may be suggesting a paint color or rearranging furniture. The best compliment we can give about Lorrie is that when our photographer goes to take professional photos, the photographer always comments that he can tell that our stager has been there. The home is always completely ready to go on the market. It’s always a pleasure to work with Lorrie and see how she transforms a home to get it ready to be listed.​



Lorrie is wonderful at staging a house to prepare it to go on the market. By staging, and listening to Lorrie's suggestions on paint, de-cluttering, re-arranging furniture, making each space purposeful, adding colorful "on trend" accessories and all of her guidance tips you are sure to be able to masterfully prepare to receive top dollar when you list. I recommend Lorrie over and over again. She is a delight to work with and helps you get your property shining and looking its best in a short amount of time. Call Lorrie today.

Remax Vision

Lorrie Card of the Best Dressed House is a creative, caring, loving, organized professional designer/stager who helped me tremendously to choose the right paint colors for my home. She has an innate ability to look at the big picture and immediately visualize how a room can look it's best. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lorrie because she is an amazing experienced designer, with a caring spirit, creative intuition and knows how to stay within my budget. I highly recommend Lorrie if you are staging your home or thinking you might sell your home down the road. She will help you to make the right decorating choices and help you get the best price for your home. Simply put, Lorrie is THE BEST!​


Our realtor hired Lorrie to help us stage our home and get it on the market. We didn't really know what to expect, but Lorrie was so kind and professional. She even held our baby while we moved a few pieces of furniture around! :) Lorrie gave us so many suggestions and really knew what she was doing. Her ideas to streamline our decor were the most helpful and really made our home look great. In fact, we are going to take some of her ideas to our new home because we love the outcome so much! We'd recommend her services to anyone looking to stage their home for selling or update the look of their current place.​


We hired Lorrie at our chiropractic office for a color consultation and to assist us with an overall design strategy as we began to make aesthetic changes in our outdated space. Lorrie's strength is her ability to listen to our desires and effortlessly intertwine our taste with functionality. As a commercial space we have a need for durability, budget, and purpose and she really took all this into account when giving us a design plan. I cannot speak more highly of Lorrie's professionalism, attention to detail, and her talent. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.


The Best Dressed House

 Staging and interior decorating

We hired Lorrie to help us renovate our outdated kitchen. Lorrie helped us through the entire process including planning, cost, selecting tradesmen and design. Our project was completed in a timely manner because she kept us and everyone else on track and we have a BEAUTIFUL kitchen because of her design vision. We highly recommend Lorrie. She is extremely talented and a delight to work with.​