Thank you Lorrie!  I couldn't have been photo ready without you!!! Your suggestions for removing furniture or decorative items were absolutely essential.  I cannot thank you enough for your help in getting the house ready!  You are a true master at your craft.  

Sue- Sturbridge, MA

Home-Staging Consultation

Est. 2010

Lorrie and her staff did an absolutely amazing job with staging my home for sale. My home was on the market for just two weeks when we received an offer - many thanks to Lorrie!  Professional,  courteous, punctual, organized and so talented. I highly recommend The Best Dressed House!!

Linda- Grafton, MA

Staging Consultation/Home Staging Service

I loved working with Lorrie! She was prompt with her arrival and patient with me while she worked. I had all my colors picked and was going to have Lorrie help me coordinate patterns, but boy was I way off!

Lorrie educated me on how to properly decorate our modest home to make it appear so much larger, and the paint colors she helped me pick are just gorgeous!!! Without a doubt, Lorrie's talent was well worth the time and money spent. Our original plan was to sell, but after her help, we're staying. I HIGHLY recommend The Best Dressed House for staging or decorating. Lorrie is a genius.

Alli- Jefferson, MA

Color Consultation

"Lorrie is magnificent, creative and unbelievably talented. Lorrie listened to what we were trying to accomplish in our home and was able to take this direction and run with it. She has accomplished our desired look and was able to do so with gentle guidance and respect for finances. She is a pleasure to work with and has a fabulous touch and flare with accent pieces. She works quickly, efficiently and effectively. It was a true pleasure. We are delighted with the "new" look of our home. Thanks Lorrie!!!" 

Stephanie D. Natick, MA

Thank you so much for your assistance.  You truly have a flare and eye for fabulous decorating!  I also appreciate that you used items from various rooms to fill the needs of other rooms.  Now my list of items to purchase is not lengthy! 

Kim W. - Sutton, MA


"Your suggestions were so welcome! I really think the way you interact and the way I am able to use you as a third party to offer staging tips and help "ready the seller" for the market is wonderful. "Your advice was right on" and it struck a chord with my client. 

Selling a house can be a very emotional process but the way you speak respectfully, honestly and while delivering salient, worthwhile advice to a seller is a tremendous help to a listing agent. In some cases, you echo the same thoughts we try to convey but deliver the message in greater detail with easy "fixes" and you lay out a plan so it does not seem so overwhelming to a seller or homeowner. 

I am sure your business will continue to thrive and I will continue to use your guidance for any new listings I secure. My best wishes and thanks." 

Kind Regards, 
Lisa A. Bradley, Re/Max Vision 

"After TOO MANY long months we had been trying to sell the property for almost a year with no success. With your help, the house was transformed and so were the people's reaction to it. Within the first week, we had three interested parties and the house was under agreement within 2 weeks. The professional staging made a difference.

Carolyn C.- South Grafton, MA 


 Staging and interior decorating

When we got no offers on our Massachusetts home 40 days after listing it, despite deep price cuts, we didn’t blame the market. We signed-on with a new Realtor. With the agent came Lorrie Card to stage our home, and a photographer to showcase it. There were no face-to-face meetings with Lorrie because we had relocated out of state but our home remained furnished. No design consultations because her visit to our home spoke for us. We didn't tell Lorrie what to do because her experience did. She removed and rearranged our home interiors including our furniture and collection of artwork. She filled in gaps in our interior design with great, on-the-budget purchases, rental inventory, and complementary accessories. The result: 3 days on the market and sold. Thank you Lorrie for your excellent work and a personality to match. 

Philippa & Steve -Grafton, MA
​Staging Consult

Lorrie, It was such a pleasure meeting you today. Thank you so much

for all your help and input. Our session was invaluable and I feel so
much better about getting started with the renovations.  For the past few weeks I've had so many ideas running around in my head that it was becoming overwhelming, but with your help I now have a much clearer plan.  You have a wealth of ideas and impeccable taste.  I could not be happier with your service and would gladly recommend you to anyone in need.  You were the first real step in my renovation process, and it was the smartest and most valuable step I could have taken.


I completely agree with your thought process of thinking big at
first and then letting reality dictate what is best.  (I feel that is a
great approach to everything in life.)  


Tony P. - Shrewsbury, MA

Renovation Consult

We are very happy with your service. You changed the appearance of rooms with what we have in short time. We did not need to buy anything. That was a big help. You are very nice and polite to work with. Thanks for offering us to rent, that saved lot of time. We are so glad that we used your help in the process of staging our house.


Diane- W. Boylston

Staging Consult

When is the best time to call The Best Dressed House?                      NOW
The Best Dressed House

What a pleasure to have you in our home today! We thank you for your wisdom and skill getting our home ready for listing. We spent the rest of the day de-cluttering, cleaning, purchasing, and removing unwanted items. I'm exhausted, but the house is in good shape!
I won't hesitate to recommend you to others. I wish I could take you with me to my next home.

Pam- Sturbridge, MA

Home-Staging Consultation

Lorrie was a huge help to us when we were selling our house. She did a
very comprehensive consultation to stage our house before we put it on the market. Some of her recommendations I would have never thought of myself, such as how to place the furniture in a room to make it appear more inviting and appealing. However, from her comprehensive list of recommendations, she pointed out priority items for each room which were relatively easy to do. Our house sold the first weekend it was listed!! She also helped us choose colors in our new house, which is a daunting task when you have a whole house to re-paint at once. With her help we were able to decide on colors and proceed more quickly. She also had some great ideas for our children's rooms, which are unique and came out great. I highly recommend Lorrie when you are selling or need some help with home decor, especially when you are short on time. She is very responsive and gets things done quickly.


Leslie S.- Shrewsbury, MA

Staging and Color Consult

Lorrie has an eye for design, she can see the potential in the spaces we live in everyday, and bring them to life in another capacity. She was also able to use decorative pieces that were already in the home in different rooms, reducing the potential out of pocket expense to the homeowner. That said, the investment of a few key accessories can turn any room showroom ready.


I found Lorrie to be  kind, considerate, and very respectful of the homeowners and the spaces they live in. You’re friendly, approachable, and easy to work with. I wish you the best in all future endeavors.



Staging Consult

Our gratitude goes to Lorrie at The Best Dressed House! We followed her staging and decorating expertise to prepare for the sale of our home in Hopkinton - and it paid off. We received an offer immediately following the Open House and had an accepted offer one week later!! She was very easy to work with and was happy to accommodate to our staging budget, informing us of where our efforts (and dollars) would make the greatest impact. We received many compliments on how terrific our home looked, in person and in the listing pictures.​

Mathil- Hopkinton, MA

Home-Staging Consultation

I listed my house with a great realtor but needed finishing touches which is why Lorrie was hired. Lorrie transformed my home into a showpiece. My house sold the first day it was listed on the market at full price & I definitely attribute it to her expertise in staging my home. I thought I did a good job with decorating, but realized it takes special talent to move furniture into correct rooms & sometimes change the function.  Today’s market is not for the average homeowner, I discovered buyers expect an uncluttered & modernized home. This task
would have been monumental for me but Lorrie took it step by step with me.  She used many of my things so creatively that I was amazed at the results.  Needless to say, I will recommend highly Lorrie’s services. Now that I am looking to purchase a home, it was such a great experience I will look forward to using Lorrie again for my next home.

Carla. - Shrewsbury, MA

Staging Consult